Poetry Editor’s Note

For a decade Narrative Magazine has sought to broaden the audience for poetry by offering a wide-ranging group of poets the connection and affirmation that comes with publication. The act of poetry most often begins and ends in solitude, with the writer alone with those same words that are later gifted—through publication—to a reader who might enjoy those words in the similarly sacred act of reading. Writers need readers to complete the communion of their art—and at Narrative we pride ourselves on pairing extraordinary writers with an ever-increasing and extraordinary readership. That act of reading starts right here—or rather, in the hidden anterooms of Narrative, where a team of incredibly dedicated editors bring an admirable amount of attention, care, and respect to the many submissions we receive. Writing and reading are both acts of generosity. None of us—writers, readers, editors—has to be here sharing the art of poetry; we are all here for the love of the art and engage it with an ever-growing expectation of surprise. As we open our latest poetry contest, we do so with the firm belief and knowledge that our imaginations and intellects will be provoked, our senses delighted, our view of the world revised. We honor the two different acts of solitude—writing and reading—and recognize that our faith in the act of poetry will be restored over and again. And for that we are incredibly grateful to all the writers and readers who exchange these gifts among our community. We look forward to reading your newest work.

Let the delighted solitude prevail—and expand.

Michael Wiegers