Conversations with Death

I bit my tongue
Don’t forget

Your umbrella. At
The fair. Spit it

Out. Ventoso &
Vamp was in town that day only a

Few hours more. Please. What
What? No

Nothing. Just
A large buttered popcorn

I chewed
Too fast. Pain then. It

Came as a shock. Did it ever

Dots. Slip-
Pery buttons. Yes I

Remember my favorite shirt
On the collar how sudden black

Blood. No it’s never
Come out. But here we

Are. Ready? Step
Right up. Hot

And fresh. A full
Bucket that’s wide as your

Face. Yesiree just one ace to
Peek inside

The furious whirling glass
Cocoon’s closed

Circuit of perfect
Fleecy white explosions
People on couch
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