To Flee the Kingdom
and Other Poems

To Flee the Kingdom

So spring today, bees in the bok choy
bolted yellow before we could eat it—

let them eat it instead, let them carry on
carrying its stardust from place to place,

let us all eat come future come. Meanwhile
the cat takes, gives a good long bath.

The birds? The birds will fill whatever gap
we leave them. Once we didn’t name them

out of abundance, now we don’t name them
out of respect for their loss, ours.

Hawks or whales? Jaguars, anacondas?
You’ve met yourself in the place you were afraid.

You’re smart. You keep your head.
You’ve got the right stone. When you really look

the enemy is not as it first appeared.
It’s actually more dangerous

if the horse doesn’t know what you want
says the woman out front. I am the shining lotus

on top of the tallest mountain in the world
breathes the bay beneath her, steady on.

Hello, Brother

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