Werewolves and Other
Intangible Things

We came up with our theory when Kenza snuck out of the house for the fourth day in a row. There was no reason for her to sneak around at 4:00 p.m., since Dad was at work and Mom was always in Washington. In fact, Hazel and I were the only two people in the house, and we were sitting in the kitchen with flash cards on our laps. We wouldn’t even have known Kenza was home if she hadn’t kept coming in and out of the room to play with our dog, Bark Zuckerberg, while on the phone with her boyfriend.

“Can you turn that off?” I asked Hazel. She leaned across the table and smacked the top of her speaker. Hazel liked music while studying. Because I only studied when Hazel was around, I didn’t know what I liked.

People on couch
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