Reading His Poetry


Dan read his poetry at the Narrative Night in Santa Fe in October 2007. He later told Narrative that he’s been reading Robert Bringhurst and shared with us the following lines, which seemed to us a fitting prelude to Dan’s work, presented here in his own voice. “All writing that is good to read sounds good when read aloud, because its goodness lies in part in its humanity. . . . It fits the human body. A good shovel fits the hand and foot, and a good sentence fits the voice, because that is the part of the body we normally use to handle sentences. The voice has an anatomy. . . . The voice is made of breath. A sentence or a paragraph that pays no attention to the reach and rhythm of the voice is uncomfortable or painful, like a shoe that doesn’t fit. . . . But a sentence that does fit the anatomy of the voice and breath will touch, through them, some other rhythms of the body: those of the heart and hands and feet, of the memory and the mind.”


    Cinema Paradiso (0:20 preview)

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