Tell Me the Truth about Love

That’s what Auden wrote, and over the past fifteen years, we’ve had the pleasure of publishing many stories, poems, and essays that do just that. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, here are eight of our favorites works that speak to love in its many forms.

My Daughter and God
an essay by Justin Cronin

A car crash involving his wife and daughter sets the stage for this stunning Valentine by Cronin in which he examines life and fate and, by god, love.
—Carol Edgarian, Cofounder/Editor

I Am the Lion Now
a story by Edan Lepucki

In this story an angel in the most unlikely of forms provides a young couple with a respite from their troubles and a chance give over to what matters most.
—Michael Croft, Senior Editor

He Has Gone to Be with the Women
a story by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

In this beautiful and heartbreaking tale of love on the border, it’s a stranger’s good taste in books that provides the first spark. Who can’t relate to that?
—Jack Schiff, Content Supervisor

A Wedding Story
a story by Debra Spark

A woman is led to her true love by a tiny story-telling rabbi she finds in a chocolate egg: Martin Buber meets Gabriel García Márquez. Romantic, spiritual, masterly.
—Mimi Kusch, Managing Editor

Dear Fox
a story by Lisa Taddeo

Why shouldn’t we laugh out loud at the truth behind the hunt for a mister? Personally, I can’t think of a better thing to do on the 14th of February.
—Jane Lancellotti, Readers’ Narrative Editor

Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven
a poem by William Butler Yeats

I first heard this poem many years ago when my love recited it to me as we lay in bed, and I never tire of hearing it.
—Tom Jenks, Cofounder/Editor

Delphiniums in a Window Box
a poem by Dean Young

I remember reading this poem in manuscript years ago, and it hit me in the solar plexus just as first love seizes you.
—Michael Wiegers, Poetry Editor

Love Is . . .
an anthology of various authors

If you need help expressing the inexpressible, look no further. Here we’ve assembled some of the very best quotes through the ages about love.
—Leah Worthington, Assistant to the Editors