My Black Spell and Other Poems

My Black Spell

I breastfed one hunger after another
fear me I know the weight of playthings
the trampoline in the crawlspace our family
lost an older sister I am fearless
subtle phoenix-older child

there was a time I could bite
and crack into pink jawbreaker
fuck my mouth up into red ants
and explain the blood in my gums away

I’ve got muscle and am articulate
forged from the hurt parts of the ground
domestic life was child’s play
breaking a bone at a time all fun and games
lives in my hands

I could do so much with miniatures
throw the piano in the kitchen attaboy
literally sexual stripped the boys
naked on the lawn I wanted to be

with Barbie’s arched feet or a brat
that could bend at the knees there is spit
in my circumstance they call me
unstone they call me unmusic

baby baby baby baby baby voodooed alive
seashell from familial waters
healthy and unimaginably magical
I’m watching your back
best I can baby brother

follow fish follow things that run to us
home licking with gumbo
I do not have words for all the things I desire
In the summer my hair was braided
I am your brother best I can

Don’t Look That Witch in the Eye

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