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We want to welcome you to Narrative’s global community of educators, readers, and writers. Our greatest wish is for you to feel at home our free library, open 24/7 for your use. After all, our Narrative in the Schools program grew out of requests from teachers who were using the Narrative Library–open and free 24-7–in their classrooms all over the world and were looking for new ways to deepen their students’ engagement with the literary arts.

Like you, we are always looking for new ways to support and inspire the next generation of writers and readers. That’s why we started the “Tell Me a Story” High School Contest.

We’ve grown our contest since its inaugural run in 2015. Originally an essay competition available to partnership schools, we expanded across five dynamic seasons to include short stories and students from public, private, parochial, and charter schools around the United States and as far away as India and South Korea.

In 2021, for the first time, our focus was on poetry and we invited all high school students (ages 15-18) from our global Narrative community to engage in the contest. To ensure that the submission process went smoothly with our newfound expansion of the competition, we asked that you submit your student’s writing as their teacher representative. Each teacher was limited to ten submissions.

Are you interested in participating in next year's contest? Be sure to subscribe to Narrative to keep up to date with all the exciting writers we publish, and check back here in the fall, when the details for our Seventh Annual “Tell Me a Story” High School Contest will be released!

Also new in 2021: our Explore by Theme system! We’ve taken our thousands of stories, poems, and essays in hand, tagging each one under themes ranging from “Love” to “Justice & Equality” to “The Writing Life,” reinvigorating our whole library and enabling everyone—particularly you and your students—to explore, sort, and discover Narrative works in novel ways. We’re so inspired by the surprising, and revelatory, connections that this new navigational tool promotes, as we know you will be, too.

Check out our curated reading lists of literature, writing advice, and other creative fodder from the Narrative Library. We filmed and produced five short video tutorials featuring bestselling author and Narrative cofounder/editor Carol Edgarian. Each video covers a basic aspect of the writing process—from choosing an idea to crafting a scene to revising and submitting—and offers some expert behind-the-scenes advice. We hope you’ll dive in here.

As ever, we love hearing from you and learning how best to grow our partnership. Please feel free to fill out this Teacher Survey and share some thoughts on our programs with us!

Are you a student or teacher looking for other resources? Check out our curated reading lists and video tutorials about the craft of writing, featuring bestselling author and Narrative cofounder/editor Carol Edgarian.

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