“Tell Me a Story” High School Contest

Welcome to the high school contest designed to encourage, mentor, and publish a new generation of amazing writers.

For the first time, our Sixth Annual “Tell Me a Story” High School Contest invites all high school members (ages 15-18) from our global community to get involved. Another first this year: our exclusive focus on poetry. Learn more here.

Students: your poetry is the pulse, the drumbeat, the inspiration and news the world needs to hear at this time. Let's go! Let's hear your authentic voice on the page.

Acclaimed Narrative Poetry Editor Michael Wiegers of Copper Canyon Press alongside New York Times-bestselling author and Narrative cofounder/editor Carol Edgarian—in addition to members of our staff—will select the first-, second-, and third-place winners and finalists in the Narrative “Tell Me a Story” High School Contest.

Did we mention that a surprise Narrative star poet will also guest judge? Salvadoran poet and Narrative Prize-winner Javier Zamora will be working with contest finalists! Read his work here.

In March, writers of the winning entries will work closely with our editors to refine, and record their work–in other words, to be mentored and to engage in all aspects of a professional publishing process. In April, the “Tell Me a Story” High School Contest winners will be announced and will receive cash prizes totaling $1000. The winning entries will be published in Narrative alongside the greatest writers of our time. Your work will be celebrated at your school and, as in previous years, recorded and featured on our popular podcast “Narrative Outloud.”

Are you a high school student and want to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? Be sure to subscribe to Narrative and then head over here! Please note that you will need a teacher representative in order to participate.

Winning stories in the Narrative “Tell Me a Story” High School Contest:

The 5th Annual High School Contest: The Choice

The 4th Annual High School Contest: The Mistake

The 3rd Annual High School Contest: When Everything Changed

The 2nd Annual High School Contest: Dear America

The 1st Annual High School Contest: Where I’m Going

Are you a student or teacher looking for other resources? Check out our curated reading lists and video tutorials about the craft of writing, featuring bestselling author and Narrative cofounder/editor Carol Edgarian.

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