East House

A Story

by Joe David Bellamy
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I read this hoping for a happy ending. An ending where Luke succeeds in helping Carol heal. As I realized how it was actually going to end, I found myself thinking just like Luke, “No, no, no!” Great story.

Definitely kept my interest. Made me realize a bad day at my job is nothing compared to Luke's, and yet he keeps on trying to help others. Hard to imagine people do this on a daily basis.

Ending was as expected. It was the journey of getting to the end that held my attention. Thanks!

Great story, well-drawn characters, good pacing. I'm probably in the minority but found Carol's final escape an act of triumph.

Great story. Whenever I read of ducks I can't help but think of Holden Caulfield, but the thought of him worked well with this story. Luke is a great character, along with all the other folks you brought to life in the story. I really enjoyed it, especially the ending with all those no's. I loved that Luke finally couldn't control his feelings, that they just spurted out of him.