Writers’ Resources

Looking for an MFA program or a writing conference to attend? Seeking sage advice or a good book on writing? Wanting to pursue a professional publishing and editing career? Need to find an agent to represent you? Great! You’re in the right place to find what you need. Our curated, selective listings of writers’ resources offer our best recommendations based on the experience of our editors and published authors. Here you’ll find a searchable map of the literary universe.

Creative Writing Programs

Whether you want a graduate or undergraduate degree from a US or international school, here you’ll find easily sortable listings that include links to author bios and works by each program’s graduates and faculty who are published in Narrative.

Writers’ Conferences

A selective, searchable list of conferences year-round, worldwide, featuring many of Narrative’s authors.

Best Books on Writing

Our editors’ short lists of timeless books on writing, with brief descriptions of each book's essence.

Best Advice on Writing

In articles and essays, great writers of the past, such as W. H. Auden and Elizabeth Bowen, right up to the ones we admire and publish today, offer practical advice, inspiration, and encouragement for your writing.

Professional Publishing and Editing Programs

Kickstart a professional career in publishing via a course of study at a recognized educational institution. All aspects of publishing are addressed by one or more of our selected schools.


Finding an agent to represent your work to publishers can be a daunting task. Our list of established agents can help.