Winter 2011 Story Contest Winners

Narrative congratulates the winners and finalists.

   FIRST PLACE   ($3,250)
   KEVIN A. GONZÁLEZ   Christmas Eve

   SECOND PLACE   ($1,500)
   DEBRA SPARK   Maine Night

   THIRD PLACE   ($750)
   VIET THANH NGUYEN   Fatherland

TEN FINALISTS   ($100 each)

Alethea Black   Essay to Be Read at 3:00 a. m.
Elizabeth Cameron   Cracks
Luke Fiske   Do You Know What a Leader Is?
Pete Fromm   Ballet
Elisabeth Harvor   Prison Nights, Winter Nights
Mark Krieger   Scar
Jerry D. Mathes II   Repossession
Lewis Moyse   She Belongs to Me
Terese Svoboda   Ballet
Sarah Van Arsdale   In Llano Park

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