Account & Password Help


When you first signed up, you provided an email address. Use that email address to log in. Remember that your password is case sensitive (meaning it matters whether or not your Caps Lock is on for each letter).


If you know your email address but you’ve forgotten your password, go to the Request new password page. When you enter your email address, the system will send you a new password immediately. (Please note that this page only works if you are not yet logged in).

If you don’t know which email address you used, then use the Contact Us page to send us your name, and we’ll look up your account and let you know.


When you are logged in you may change your Account Settings (including your email address), Email Preferences, Name and Address, and Password using the MY ACCOUNT link at the bottom of every page. Please note that the MY ACCOUNT section is organized into tabs and subtabs to help you find the information you’re looking for.

If you wish to delete your Narrative account or clean up old redundant accounts, please send us your request using the Contact Us page.


If you are having technical difficulties, please Contact Us. Narrative is a nonprofit organization and most of us are volunteers, but we are always glad to help you.