Fall 2016 Story Contest Finalists

Narrative congratulates the finalists.


Lauren Barbato
The Girls Go to Van Nuys   (story)

Nora Boxer
Selling Eden   (story)

Franklin Fisher
Do It Again   (story)

Lee Grayson
The Imagination Resettlement Program   (story)

Rachel Groves
from The Year of the Yarrow   (novel excerpt)

Julia Lichtblau
Deserters   (story)

Connor Martin
Right Swipes   (story)

Maia Morgan
The Truth the Dead Know   (story)

Stephanie Pushaw
Stormwrangler III   (story)

Larry Racunas
The Chinese Teacher   (story)

Aurvi Sharma
Lost Venuses   (essay)

Geeta Tewari
Excerpt from the Life Track of Shefali Segal   (story)

David E. Yee
Clean for Him the Ashes   (story)

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