Carol Edgarian in Conversation with Susan Orlean

A library is a good place to soften solitude; a place where you feel part of a conversation that has gone on for hundreds and hundreds of years even when you’re all alone. The library is a whispering post. You don’t need to take a book off a shelf to know there is a voice inside that is waiting to speak to you, and behind that was someone who truly believed that if he or she spoke, someone would listen.
    —Susan Orlean, The Library Book

In this edition of Narrative Outloud, Carol Edgarian speaks with Susan Orlean, author of the just-released The Library Book. Susan, who kicked off her book tour with us at Narrative, spoke with Carol in front of a live audience about all things mystery and memory, and the who-done-it of every great story. Join us to hear more about how The Library Book came to be.

Photos from the Event:

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