A Partial History of Lost Causes

Chess was a humiliation that hung over him like a leper’s bell.

A Quiet Patchwork of Slats

Streetlights throw the blinds against the ceiling. It’s 7:00 p.m.

A Shrine at the Inn

It was true. We would probably never visit that place again.

A Summer in Between

In a way she enjoyed the slow, sad feeling of letting it go.

A Wanderer

The tree was shaggy and it bore scars of shrapnel from the war.

Addendum and Other Poems

The animals are dying. All the beautiful women are dying too.

After Music

“I’m torturing you,” she said. “It isn’t fair.” Now I saw there were tears.

Alphabet City, 1985

Tony’d had guns pulled on him more times than he had toes.


Her name sprang to my lips in strange prayers and praises.

Bicyclette Batavus and Other Poems

what happens in all these villages after we ride through them?

Bildungsroman, 1999

Vultures liked to perch on the austere ledge outside my window.

Bring Us a Souvenir from the Next War

Be glad the numbness in your legs isn’t reading on your face.

Bringing Down the House

I saw Baryshnikov twice. Heard Pavarotti, Marsalis, and Ma.

Budapest 1984

I saw my mother’s face turn dark like the winter sky before a storm.

Carol Edgarian in Conversation with Susan Orlean

Cartoon Art Volume 2010-02

New cartoon from Mick Stevens: “It’s hardly worth the trouble tonight.”

Cartoon Art Volume 2011-07

New cartoons from Chris Weyant, Joe Dator, P. C. Vey, and more!

Cartoon Art Volume 2017-01

Cartoon Art Volume 2017-07

Cartoon Art Volume 2018-01

Charlottesville Burning

Longtime residents witness the eruption of violence in Charlottesville.

Charlottesville Burning

The smart hide their claws in their paws, then add fur for allure.

Clearing the History and Other Poems

I wanted to forget my parents’ slow dying together in Ohio.


Purple planets, dirt stars. Imagine the carom in the hall, how it sounded.

Clips from Our Interview with Jennifer Egan

Audio clips of Pultizer Prize winner Jennifer Egan on her work.


Despite cell phones, they seem connected only by smoke.

Crow on Saccharine

We boarded a ferry eager for foaming water rushing toward our feet.

Dante on Broadway

How many times had I passed it in a taxicab or walked within sight of it?

Death of a Dog and Other Poems

Our dog had held down what we had by pressing his belly to the floors.

Depth of Field

Paharganj reels with beggars. Old women, boys, breast-feeding girls.