A Day in the Life of Woman Cartoonist

I'll rid the world of bad things. But first, I need to get more coffee.

A Doctor, a Lawyer, and a Priest

The prisoners were ten ragged scarecrows wearing prison suits.

A Dress Rehearsal for the Apocalypse

History howls for direction so I remind him how the hero was lost.

A Hint for Next Christmas

The presents you receive will not have been chosen with such care.

A Horse Walks into a Bar

I sometimes forget I’m a horse. I’m also a man dressed as a horse.

A Mother’s Son

“Maybe you should leave the rumba to those who know how to do it.”

A Real Writer

Advance planning was never Hank’s strong suit, he had to leave her.

A Wedding Story

The chocolate was old, dusty white, the way chocolate gets after many years.

All Good Here

Since his mother’s fall, Ali had been stopping by every week to help out.

All-American Poem

You can go from one town square to another and never fall in love.

All-American Poem

We need the opportunity to dance with really exquisite strangers.

An English Christmas

There were more whispered speculations about his relative sobriety.

An Ethical Dinner Dilemma

“Even though we aren’t carrying out the deed, we are the most responsible.”

Are We Not Men?

The girl marched directly up to me, glaring, and said, “You hit my dog.”

At the Big Table

Why kill something so mild-mannered, entertaining, and sociable?

Baby in the Pan

Please, Theresa thought, as a tenderness surged within herself.

Best Advice

My advice can be succinctly expressed in three words: Persist, persist, persist!

Best Advice

My advice is to take advice with a grain of salt.

Best Advice

You can get anyone to sleep with you—if you want it bad enough.

Best Advice

Getting answers is easy. The difficult thing is knowing the right questions.

Best of Sex Writing

I am always hungry & wanting to have sex. This is a fact.


Betrayal was written on my face, in my eyes, and I knew it.

Beyond the Glass Ceiling There’s Sky

If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.

By Hand

Up north people hunt bears using gummy bears as bait.

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Cartoon Art Volume 2009-04

When I grow up I want to be one of the horses of the Apocalypse.

Cartoon Art Volume 2009-05

This book club has rules, Carolyn. Everyone HAS to read the book!

Cartoon Art Volume 2009-06

The financial plan works if we eat 40% of the kids before college.