A Real Writer

Advance planning was never Hank’s strong suit, he had to leave her.

A Smile of Fortune

She favoured me with an even more viciously scornful “Don’t care!”

A Storyteller’s Story

Americans have always a kind of tenderness for cheat.

A Taste for Winter

She is very rich. She will leave me everything when she dies, he says.

A Vacuum Is a Space Entirely Devoid of Matter

I needed a paycheck a lot more than I needed to be kissed.

A Windfall

She flicked a bit of citrus on her tongue. Her laugh was hard and high.


Mostly he was in a hurry, so he’d just stick it in and away we’d go.

Agents: The Business of Writing

Art touches the soul and moves life in ways that commerce cannot. E. L. Doctorow noted that writers seem to get business ideas almost right.

Aim High Olongapo

From the flight deck Gray could see home, wherever that might be.

All My Pretty Ones

The hound, the leash, the fence, the hens. So many of them.

All the Trimmings

The old man drinks some more liquor and whacks down two trees.


He fell to the floor and begged the gods. The gods were silent.


Waiting for a cure, waiting for the closeout sale, the black sail.

Babylon Sister

Ah, yes, Rita reminded herself: I won. Her Mistress of Mayhem award.

Badger Mountain

Keely finally stops crying when they step outside. The shock of cold.

Be Patient

The dead children were wheeled away, covered with white sheets.


How’s everything? It’s been forever! Things with me are pretty good.

Best Advice

Getting answers is easy. The difficult thing is knowing the right questions.

Best Advice

My advice is to take advice with a grain of salt.

Best Advice

Writing is a subversive activity that exempts you from the rules.

Best Advice

It was the sixties, and I was in
college and incredibly restless.

Best Man

He was making some green by ripping his own heart out.

Blerrie Fockin’ Beautiful

The author reads her story, a finalist in the Winter 2013 Story Contest.

Blerrie Fockin’ Beautiful

When his father was out cold he tied him up, roping his arms to his sides.

Break Room

Creating so many mail merges, loading ink, unjamming paper.


“Why don’t you call yourself Butterfly?” he said. “A pretty thing like you.”


I had never thought of bed before as anything but an innocent place.

By Land

Nina sang “Tell Me More and More and Then Some” on the Caddy’s radio.

Captain Brown

Somehow, Captain Brown made himself respected in Cranford.

Carolina Hall Girls

“Are all the girls really beautiful? Is it true you make out in the showers?”