#549. Why Do Drops of Water Flatten and Disappear after a Time?

His body so close I hear the cicada hum of his cells, and he slips away.

A Chain of Tiny Disasters

A widow is sort of a holy figure, while a divorcée is a tawdry one.

A Country Doctor

A gravely ill man was waiting for me in a village ten miles distant.

A Dangerous Creature

The dog glares back at Roger, his eyes on fire, but he doesn’t let her go.

A Dark and Empty Corner

Human language, Winston thought, was not adequate for spiritual union.

A Day at the Beach for Aphrodite

I was enraged at being alone on the outside of all that love and lust.

A Day in the Life of Woman Cartoonist

I'll rid the world of bad things. But first, I need to get more coffee.

A Final Conversation

I used bravado to protect myself when we lived in poverty.

A Friendly Round of Golf

“We’d be naive,” Crump went on, “not to assume that people are vile.”

A Good Woman Blues

You will be a broke blues man with only some story of how you were.

A Kind of Thinking and Other Poems

Life, then, was song and purple font, imagining in words a future.

A Last Set

She had been sleeping more and more as the tour went on.

A Legendary Agent Reflects on Publishing

A Likely Story: Anniversary

Passions played among the orchids and through cherish and reveal.

A Map to Now

I thought my body was mine until it became a map anyone could use.

A Marriage Contract

They went to pray for the dead. It was important to shed some tears.

A Mirror of a Mirror

Have two children to keep around the house in case one goes missing.

A New Year’s Gift

He ended every year in this manner, writing and dreaming.

A Numbers Game

We are in his car. “Bell, I’m starving. Want to go for a burger or pizza?” I panic. Pizza. 285 calories per slice. Burgers. Harder to estimate.

A Place Like This

I can see on him how things are changing for and against us.

A Place of Our Own

Lorenzo and me, we’d squat our own building. It was the new frontier.

A Real Writer

Advance planning was never Hank’s strong suit, he had to leave her.

A Redeeming Sacrifice

Paul King was shiftless and drunken; ugly tales were told of him.

A Sailor

She did not leave him for the sailor. So why should he be angry?

A Secret Space

Two weeks after she and Mark were married, Hannah fell in love.

A Small Blip on an Eternal Timeline

I grabbed him by the face and told him life only comes to a person once.

A Small Hotel

The allure of Mardi Gras is to feel this way: unseen and unseeable.

A Small Motor

A boy watching another boy lucky gets an ache. That is a small motor.

A Smile of Fortune

She favoured me with an even more viciously scornful “Don’t care!”

A Son of Baghdad

For me, Selweh was the real magic. She was nothing like my mother.