A Trick of the Light

My desire to be in sync with him had nearly been my undoing.

At the End of the World

This body is all I have, I say. Some days it is still not enough.

At the Museum of Empress Livia’s Garden Room

In a future we believe in, these plants will all be ghosts.

Back in 1990 No One Objected When My Students Hung Earth Day Posters All Over Braselton, Georgia

We hung our posters at the drugstore, at the grocery, at city hall. I tacked up a 1970s Earth Day poster from my mother’s classroom. We tie-dyed shirts, and I bought everyone a plastic visor to paint.


I stood among them as if in a brothel and inhaled the wind.

By 2050, Seventeen US Cities Will Be Underwater

I will rehearse loss until I feel it coming. Until it’s real.


There is a pure fear, in waking somewhere you have not lain down. She runs until her blisters bleed. Then, she runs some more.

Dead Horse

We went. We did. We went to Dead Horse but couldn’t stay.

Eastwood and Other Poems

I am determined to praise my particular world, so I must praise you.

Eight Lines on Burning My Hand and Other Poems

I can remove my hand the second it becomes too much for me.

Flash Flood

Maybe he was preparing for a disaster that would never happen.


I only divine the cat’s location when I hear its small cough.

Letters to a Young Writer

The Lantern-Bearers

These are notes that please the great heart of man.

The Maneater

Here was rot and immemorial night. And death. Death above all.

Upon Seeing Two Checkboxes under Sex at the Doctor’s Office

We could have everything and still be hurt.


You couldn’t believe what the rhododendrons do around here.