A Journey along the Atlantic Slave Route

Neither blood nor belonging accounted for my presence in Ghana.

A Matter of Appeal

Felicia knew why he was there. He was waiting. Waiting for her.

A Place of Our Own

Lorenzo and me, we’d squat our own building. It was the new frontier.

A River of Stars

For all the stories they’d concocted, the real one electrified them.

A Taste for Lionfish

Three months is a long time to be away from the person you love.

A Vacuum Is a Space Entirely Devoid of Matter

I needed a paycheck a lot more than I needed to be kissed.


The guards ripped off Mara’s clothes, pinning her head against the wall.

All Good Things Are Surprises

So, Ida, are you a Jew or a nudist? Do you believe in Hanukkah?

All My Pretty Ones

The hound, the leash, the fence, the hens. So many of them.


If everyone’s lost on the roads, you might as well fly. Enjoy your life.

America, I Do Not Call Your Name Without Hope

Lost land, this is a song for the scars on your back, for your blistered feet.

American Paradoxes

I recoil from the certitude that religion can give a person; it’s horrific.

An Elegy Beginning and Ending with a Mouse

I let the baby mouse live because I cannot kill what has ears.

Animals & Instruments

His fingers traveling through these notes can assuage, I think, all pain.

As a Girl, I’ve Been Taught

Women should hate it when people whistle at their backs as they walk past.

At Lee

I grew accustomed to seeing the sun rise and set from the school.


When I dream of lovers, I rarely see faces. It’s better if we never touch.

Barbie Chang Poems

Some days Barbie Chang wants to hang up her Asian boots.

Barbie Chang’s Daughter Asks

Barbie Chang asks why the evil one always has black hair.


I could not tell what visions were vanishing in the dying slave.

Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall-Street

Like a ghost, he appeared at the entrance of his hermitage.

Bedtime Stories

She gives her daughter her birth certificate and oil money: Go.

Big Mary

“One of my genetic gifts, and don’t you want to know what the other one is?”

Billionaires’ Boats

The boat’s one of the most flagrant symbols capitalism ever spawned.

Black and White

If a friend’s family is persecuted, call Sinn Fein on that number.

Blind Date

The engineers seemed ripe for mockery, some more than others.

Bosnia Bosnia

Too bad there is no oil between her legs that 4-year-old Muslim girl.


I’d never seen my mother’s breasts. Or anyone else’s, for that matter.

Broken Arm

A boy who makes dinosaurs from blue clay, each one with three hearts.

Budapest 1984

I saw my mother’s face turn dark like the winter sky before a storm.