Barbie Chang Poems

Barbie Chang Watches

Barbie Chang watches the Ellen Pao
             trial wants the woman

to win thinks the woman is right thinks
             the woman should fight

thinks she is wrong remembers her own
             long days in a cubicle with

Rob Meyer mitering his edges talking
             about his dates with

Asian women in the office it’s awful
             to sit and listen to the

men talk about women the ones who
             made it never complained

never felt pain for others smart ones
             who didn’t want to

work at Walmart marked their words
             carefully Barbie Chang

like Ellen Pao kept good records never
             wore corduroys to

work pretended she hated recreation
             with other Asians

everyone blamed her anyway Barbie
             Chang can’t help too

but think Ellen Pao is ugly not good
             to powwow with

probably doesn’t own Ugg boots got
             booted out of the

office full of lies because of her small-
             fisted eyes
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