& the War Was in Its Infancy Then

By the time I looked over my shoulder, the sun had already fallen.

A Childhood in Four Acts

End of October, days recede quickly into night. Leaves fall in slow motion.

A Final Conversation

I used bravado to protect myself when we lived in poverty.

A Happy Marriage

How different they were; how comfortable he was that.

A Hard Blessing

Alone but one year sober and my parole’s nearly done.

A Local Habitation and a Name

Marie was therefore exiled, as it were, like Cordelia in the old play.

A Lot Going On Up There

The hawk moves out of the way to let a little hot package of breath rise up.

A Pandemonium of Want

Widow. I look up the etymology. To separate, split, cleave, divide.

A Small Blip on an Eternal Timeline

I grabbed him by the face and told him life only comes to a person once.

A Smile of Fortune

She favoured me with an even more viciously scornful “Don’t care!”

A Soldier’s Lover

We never really had what might be considered a normal conversation.

A Storyteller’s Story

Americans have always a kind of tenderness for cheat.

A Vacuum Is a Space Entirely Devoid of Matter

I needed a paycheck a lot more than I needed to be kissed.


I’ll see you on the sea, they say, but then they float past on a raft


I want to be bright scarves, soft rain, seabirds pecking at receipts.

All My Friends Are Sad & Bright

We’ve seen the news. We know the story. How even our bodies hurt us.

All the Light That Falls Upon Us

Everything they needed was there. Everything they needed, they had.


He fell to the floor and begged the gods. The gods were silent.

American Mother

Love is trickling into Lady’s heart where usually there is only fear.

Ann Beattie

Aubade, with Love as a Watermelon

Let me stay here, in the thick of the sweetness, just a moment longer.

Babylon Sister

Ah, yes, Rita reminded herself: I won. Her Mistress of Mayhem award.

Badger Mountain

Keely finally stops crying when they step outside. The shock of cold.


We imagined the train routes through the heart of the country.

Barbie Chang Poems

Some days Barbie Chang wants to hang up her Asian boots.

Bear with Me

Why does she do it? She knows cutting yourself is a joke. Goth, idiotic.

Beautiful Daughters

I hate it here, but I’ll make the best of it, because that’s what mothers do.

Best Advice

My advice can be succinctly expressed in three words: Persist, persist, persist!

Best of Sex Writing

I am always hungry & wanting to have sex. This is a fact.

Bishop’s Lace Grows Rampant

He phones from across the country after lying in the grass with another.