A Day at the Beach for Aphrodite

I was enraged at being alone on the outside of all that love and lust.

Addendum and Other Poems

The animals are dying. All the beautiful women are dying too.


Mostly he was in a hurry, so he’d just stick it in and away we’d go.

American Paradoxes

I recoil from the certitude that religion can give a person; it’s horrific.


I dream of snakes coming out of me and through the house to find her.

Bear With Me

Why does she do it? She knows cutting yourself is a joke. Goth, idiotic.

Best of Sex Writing

I am always hungry & wanting to have sex. This is a fact.

Byron the Lyron

Byron’s mother read things to him: Language is fun. Play. Let’s play.

Cartoon Art Volume 2010-03

“No, actually you are very different from the women I usually date.”

Certain Friends for Certain Secrets

It was like a scene in a movie; it didn’t seem real. The man kicked her.

Dementia Bus

Some days he thinks he has patients to see, meetings to attend.

Dirty Butter

There were women everywhere, all naked or nearly naked.

Four Poems

I want you enough to gnash you into a silence made from pieces of silver.

Four Poems

Let’s rummage through each other’s bodies like a blowout sale.

Home Help

It dawned on me my passion was not for her but for the making-up.

How I Left a Life of Crime and Came to America

We were aiming for a complete transformation of society.

Io and Other Poems

Her body is no longer the source of pleasure but constant pain.

John Redding Goes to Sea

Thus John Redding grew to manhood, playing, studying and dreaming.

Jubilate Homo

For even he and she are false. For it is tinged with the taste of metal.

Just Going Out

I put my hand on my stomach and had an image of the melting snowman.

Little Fuckers

“Leaving for war, Hayes wept. He didn’t just cry; he wept...”

Lost and Found

They felt smarter and sexier, especially when together.

Miracle of Lights / Ode to My Imperfect Love

It was as the angel speaking of Isaac, a deception, a test to survive.

Ode to Repetition

She’s not the same, her body more naked in its aging, its disorder.


Is there some one way a guy should be on his wedding day, dickwad?

Our Weapons

The rifle slams into my shoulder. Smoke pummels the air.

Reading from Intercourse

Here I am, king of the gods, making a fool of myself just to get under your gown.

Redemption Song, Part Two

I floated in the tub, my head bobbing, until I felt slick as a seal.


I was bold, even reckless, in what I wrote, and in how I wrote it.

Self-Portrait With & Without

You have to be three times better than the white kids, at everything.