A Day at the Beach for Aphrodite

I was enraged at being alone on the outside of all that love and lust.

A Local Habitation and a Name

Marie was therefore exiled, as it were, like Cordelia in the old play.

A Saint from Texas

So that’s what I’d look like if every beauty parlor in the world shut down.

Addendum and Other Poems

The animals are dying. All the beautiful women are dying too.


Mostly he was in a hurry, so he’d just stick it in and away we’d go.

American Paradoxes

I recoil from the certitude that religion can give a person; it’s horrific.


I dream of snakes coming out of me and through the house to find her.


The elevator inside him begins to fall with dizzying speed.

Bear with Me

Why does she do it? She knows cutting yourself is a joke. Goth, idiotic.

Best of Sex Writing

I am always hungry & wanting to have sex. This is a fact.

By Hand

Some people are so beautiful they belong everywhere that they go.

Byron the Lyron

Byron’s mother read things to him: Language is fun. Play. Let’s play.

Cartoon Art Volume 2010-03

“No, actually you are very different from the women I usually date.”

Certain Friends for Certain Secrets

It was like a scene in a movie; it didn’t seem real. The man kicked her.

Columba Livia

Pigeons are born knowing where they belong, with whom they belong.

Dementia Bus

Some days he thinks he has patients to see, meetings to attend.

Dirty Butter

There were women everywhere, all naked or nearly naked.

Divine Apparitions

Now, this new dark blot on the street. Maybe motor oil, or blood or worse.


His flannel sleeve dangled into the flame. Pretty soon, I was on fire too.

Four Poems

Years ago I wanted parallel lives, to see how it turns out for all of me.

Four Poems

I want you enough to gnash you into a silence made from pieces of silver.

Four Poems

Let’s rummage through each other’s bodies like a blowout sale.

Fruit Flies

“Being gay’s not a sin,” as if it's obvious why I don’t belong in church.

He Has Gone to Be with the Women

Some people are so beautiful, they belong everywhere they go.

Hermes in West Hollywood

He tries to appear slight in his leather jacket and turbulent jeans.

Home Help

It dawned on me my passion was not for her but for the making-up.

How I Left a Life of Crime and Came to America

We were aiming for a complete transformation of society.

I Would Be Happy to Leave This Asylum

Protect your hands. You can always get by if your hands aren’t broken.

If America Doesn’t Want You Dead

I shouldn’t have to say why the confederate flag is a symbol of hate.

Io and Other Poems

Her body is no longer the source of pleasure but constant pain.