A Day at the Beach for Aphrodite

I was enraged at being alone on the outside of all that love and lust.

A Kind of Thinking and Other Poems

Life, then, was song and purple font, imagining in words a future.

A Place Like This

I can see on him how things are changing for and against us.

A Place of Our Own

Lorenzo and me, we’d squat our own building. It was the new frontier.

A Sailor

She did not leave him for the sailor. So why should he be angry?

A Summer in Between

In a way she enjoyed the slow, sad feeling of letting it go.

A Theory and Other Poems

I have, in the long solitude of my body, asked for something else.

Adam’s Curse

To articulate sweet sounds together is to work harder than all these.

Addendum and Other Poems

The animals are dying. All the beautiful women are dying too.


Death is a lack, I suppose, and love more so. But I will not falter.

An Influx of Poets

I had the tongue of an adder and my heart was black with rage and hate.

At Swim, Two Girls

Why do girls want to cheerlead? Don’t they know it objectifies women?

At the Edge of the Forest, Close to Home

Sleepy and pensive, July succumbed to the day’s isolating heat.


We imagined the train routes through the heart of the country.

Bezhin Meadow

The sunrise does not blaze fiercely but spreads in a gentle flush.

Black Sand

All these barns with their busted spidery limbs strewn over the lupine.

Bleecker Street, Summer

It is music opening and closing, Italia mia, on Bleecker, ciao, Antonio.


He touched her bruise more softly than an elevator button.


The purpose of all rules of piety is to extend revelation into ordinary life.

Cavagnaro’s Bar & Grill

I rented a house in the woods of East Hampton as a form of therapy.

Choir Practice

Betsy recoiled, understanding instinctively what was to come.


People only see that side of him. He is still a boy, learning to be a man.

Clearing the History and Other Poems

I wanted to forget my parents’ slow dying together in Ohio.


I would chase it to the shores of the lake where the killer waited.

Days of Summer

“If a man wanted, he could be anything and not come back.”

Derby Day

I felt awful about imposing on him, but I was desperate to see the Derby.

Eight Poems

O Fatima if only you would lean my way my heart would quiver.


The blade was buried to the hilt in the outside corner of his left eye.

Eve, Also

All this while, I am eating the apple in this careless moment of life.

Fifteen Ways to Avoid Gardening

Order gardening clogs, then realize you feel like a runaway nurse.