A Childhood in Four Acts

End of October, days recede quickly into night. Leaves fall in slow motion.

A Small Blip on an Eternal Timeline

I grabbed him by the face and told him life only comes to a person once.

Cartoon Art Volume 2020-01

Day of the Refugios

The places in between places are like countries themselves.


you always have something in store for me. bad news.

Father’s Day

The celebration stops, like a sparrow hitting a sliding-glass door.

Hand-Me-Down Halloween

The year we left the reservation a white boy gave me a trash bag.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mrs. Blumenstrauss

Hello, women rising up against toxic men. I salute you. And I apologize.

i’m sorry, i’m sorry

home is his hands, our bowls, so many gay fridge magnets.


She wags her index finger so furiously that I’m certain it will snap off.

New Year’s Day

I walk across the fields with only a few young cows for company.

New Year’s Day, 2023

Some goals: stop buying jeans. Stop being angry at mom/dad/sister.

On Principle

Mother had always told me that everybody loves a self-absorbed ass.


Someone’s walk is pretty much who they are, from the beginning.

Since the Accident

Since the accident she lost her hold on the world and never got it back.

Slow Dance

Your hands along her spine. Her hips unfolding like a cotton napkin.


a clock struck again & again by a granite fist; us masked & rocking

The Women

She asked, “What’s the weirdest thing you can do with your body?”

Thinking It Through

His mother wasn’t there to meet him at his stop. She never was.

This Is Not a Christmas Story

There was a shout, then a shot fired. I pressed the shutter again and again.

Three Poems

Let’s walk down to the river, bless the paper boats and turn it all into wine.


It is the night of whores and monsters, but without the killings.

White Fish

There isn’t a nice Jewish boy in sight—not that I’m looking for one.