A Mother’s Son

“Maybe you should leave the rumba to those who know how to do it.”

A Partial History of Lost Causes

Chess was a humiliation that hung over him like a leper’s bell.

At Swim, Two Girls

Why do girls want to cheerlead? Don’t they know it objectifies women?

At the Center of the Sailing World

Suddenly, all of the past seemed now like the same endless race.


The old dog of inertia gets up with a growl and shrinks out of the way.

Border Patrol

We loaded the packs and started down, into the bluing of dusk.

Career Change

The mortician who painted our girl was not a somber-suited officiant.

Cartoon Art Volume 2010-01

“I wish my father was alive to see how lazy I could really be.”

Cartoon Art Volume 2010-07

Great new cartoons by Feggo, Katz, LeLievre, Sipress, and Stevens.

Cartoon Art Volume 2011-07

New cartoons from Chris Weyant, Joe Dator, P. C. Vey, and more!

Cartoon Art Volume 2013-07

Liza Donnelly

Cartoon Art Volume 2020-01


People only see that side of him. He is still a boy, learning to be a man.

Dancing Cheek to Cheek

I was tracing my finger along his hoodied back, to draw the route.

Dear America

My grandfather has a space where the tip of his thumb should be.

Dear America

Derby Day

I felt awful about imposing on him, but I was desperate to see the Derby.


Their hands were acting as airfoils, producing lift, not drag.

Fisherman’s Daughter

Fishing with Dad guaranteed two days of just us and made me special.

For the Love of the Game

Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up.

Four Poems

Two bikers, the bartender, me, and a skinny girl in skintight blue jeans.


Gerard sat in the shadow, watching his son steal about like a thief.


If I weaseled out of Bible study a little early, he’d speed me to the gym.

Horse & Rider, Part 2

Those are the horses you win on, the ones that want to kill you.

I Heart Your Dog’s Head

It’s a small deposit, but I’m putting my faith in reincarnation.

Ice Fishing

I’m just wired hard for hunting, and not so much at all for fishing.


The blackness of her hair seemed to pull the color from her body.

Miss Me Forever

He is not in the position to lose a friend. Not when one is all he has.

Montage with Pittsburgh, Jack Gilbert, and My Korean-Born Son

I read that poem twice, didn’t I? I must have wanted to hear it again.

My Mother’s Marathons

It is not surprising that her solo marathon did not turn out as planned.