A Childhood in Four Acts

End of October, days recede quickly into night. Leaves fall in slow motion.

A Small Blip on an Eternal Timeline

I grabbed him by the face and told him life only comes to a person once.

All Good Things Are Surprises

So, Ida, are you a Jew or a nudist? Do you believe in Hanukkah?

All the Trimmings

The old man drinks some more liquor and whacks down two trees.

Angels All Around, 1956

It’s just a great big old world with Santa and angels all around.

Annabel Begins

Poems and stories are the whisperings of angels we cannot see.


I wouldn’t sleep a second, knowing the catastrophe I’d set in motion.

Break Room

Creating so many mail merges, loading ink, unjamming paper.

Cartoon Art Volume 2020-01

Christmas Eve

I knew my father started the fire. It’s not the first place he’s burned down.

December 24, 1971

Floods of faces, no sign of a pathway toward Bethlehem, shut off by blizzard.

Dublin Christmas

The streets were filled with couples and families on their way home.


She leaned back to accommodate the sweet delirium of his hands.

Four Poems

Who are we? Without one another, who will we be?

Fun Facts!

Hot Springs

The judge’s mother was impossible; her mere presence was infuriating.


She looked over through the falling snow. “Jack?” she said. “Is that you?”

Marking the Swans and Other Poems

I never entered no-man’s-land by any light brighter than the palest moon.

Merry Elf

They’d developed Santa’s entire system, had written the code.


She wags her index finger so furiously that I’m certain it will snap off.

On Good Resolutions

For my part, I do not want a Happy Christmas: I want a Merry Christmas.

One Day

He was reading Our Town. She studied the departure board.


Someone’s walk is pretty much who they are, from the beginning.

Sagrada Familia

“Look in my eyes. Do I look like someone who has heard this story?”


The new generation doesn’t play war, which is a shame; they text.

Since the Accident

Since the accident she lost her hold on the world and never got it back.

The Atom Bowl

We didn’t give the order to drop the bomb. But thank God somebody did.

The Dead

We shall still cherish in our hearts the memory of those dead.

The Diezmo, Part One

They caught those few of us left unclaimed by the one emotion, or the other.

The Diezmo, Part Two

I don’t think I was very frightened. I was simply hungry for home.