A Portion of Your Loveliness

My daughter’s favorite game is Holocaust. She’s quite inventive.

A Pot of Red Lentils

I want to remember us this way—sun streaming through the window.

Annabel Begins

Poems and stories are the whisperings of angels we cannot see.

At the Big Table

Why kill something so mild-mannered, entertaining, and sociable?

Carry Me Back

“Mom, don’t you think the fucking racism is worse than my profanity?”

Cartoon Art Volume 2009-09

Don’t worry. I’ve performed this procedure hundreds of times.


I wish I could tell him he’s not going to hell. It would be so freeing for him.

Last Acre

What a noise it must have made long ago. It’s not just me saying this.

My Thanksgiving Procedure

My girlfriend, Sweet Polly Purebred, left me for George of the Jungle.

Perfect for Any Occasion

A pie can’t go to college, work hard for the grades, two jobs on the side.


The snow on the windshield a tunnel of wings my friend is driving through.

The Diezmo, Part One

They caught those few of us left unclaimed by the one emotion, or the other.

The Traveling Onion

It is right that tears fall for something small and forgotten. And I would never scold the onion for causing tears.

Turkey Day

“I can’t believe she’s drinking,” she said. “I just can’t believe it.”

Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen

It is the one day that is purely American. Yes, a day of celebration.