You Said Eden Disappeared and Other Poems

You Said Eden Disappeared

But the sea / which no one tends / is also a garden
—Williams, “Asphodel, That Greeny Flower”

Drink the glacier’s milk and silt       Our prayers rise
wingless and nighted by frost      as the fossil of Uriel

burns like alcohol      across the mouth of a wound
Forget the dull evangelical vision       The two waters

of heaven drank the garden      but it still springs and fruits
beneath the fathoms       We caught the snowflake eel

with a bird cage     so now you’re safe enough to surrender
to my hand up your shirt     my tongue on your ear

Eat this     my morning       Our hearts as gold as honey
turned to crystals inside the cachalot       It’s fine if

you’re ribbed with echoes and nets       For too long
I waited     an untended bed of starfish       I followed

the coven of thunderheads to rumors of Atlantis
wanted the christening of thunder       My love witched

the loudest waters from roots     but now they obey
your gravity       I believe in the second chance at the bottom

of the waterfall     in the way ice heals itself     in the way
a fish accepts the lesson of the hook       Take your mouth  

off my breast     the world isn’t there       So much forgiveness
awaits us     the green seas part as the angel approaches

Come the Slumberless to the Land of Nod

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