Fall 2012 Story Contest Winners

Narrative congratulates the winners and finalists.

   FIRST PLACE   ($2,500)
   MILLICENT DILLON   The Healer in the Motel

   SECOND PLACE   ($1,000)
   SPENCER WISE   The Second-Worst Rug My Father’s
     Ever Seen

   THIRD PLACE   ($500)
   CHARLOTTE HOLMES   The Grass Labyrinth

TEN FINALISTS   ($100 each)

Gregory Brown   Up the Mountain, into the Sun
Nate Haken   Rustlers
Miles Harvey   The Corn Maze
Patricia Grace King   Rooster Hour
Amy Parker   Endangered Creatures
Lisa Sanchez   The Medic’s Girlfriend
Renée Thompson   Radio Gal
Emma Törzs   Patchwork Elephant
Jennifer Duffield White   The Waiting Room
Sue Williams   Filthy Little Things

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