Voices of a New Generation 2018

Friends of Narrative gathered in Silicon Valley for our annual Voices of a New Generation event to celebrate our mission of bringing the best in literature to our global community of readers, writers, students, and teachers—for free.

It was a gorgeous California afternoon. Event host and Narrative board member Katie Dickson brought the sunshine in by reminding everyone of the childhood tales that sparked a love of reading (for Katie, it was Harriet the Spy). Narrative cofounder/editor Carol Edgarian spoke of the power of stories—from the days of Lascaux to now—to remind, enlighten, and bring us home to our hearts. Carol introduced Makee Anderson, first place winner of the Third Annual Narrative “Tell Me a Story” High School Writing Contest. Makee enchanted everyone with an essay about her grandparents’ and parents’ journeys from the Philippines to life in United States and how the melding of disparate worlds is what stories are all about.

Finally, we were joined by our honoree and Narrative Storyteller Award winner, Susan Orlean. Susan kicked off the release of her latest spellbinder, The Library Book, in a wide-ranging conversation onstage with Carol Edgarian.

Tune in here to listen to their chat in this segment of Narrative Outloud.

And please check out our important work in schools.

We thank all our loyal Narrativos for a grand time, and for your continued support of our free library for readers everywhere.

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