30 Below Contest Winners—2019

Narrative congratulates the winners and finalists.

(All entrants in the contest were between the ages of eighteen and thirty.)





Anna Besh
Your Ghost, a short short

Jessica Dionne
After the Fertility Test and

The Lime Tree, poems

Amelia Getahun-Hawkins
Werewolves and Other Intangible Things,

a short story

J. P. Grasser
There but for the Grace of God and

Ground Squirrels, poems

A. D. Lauren-Abunassar
Flightless, a poem

Stephanie Pushaw
The Night Before, a short story

Natasha Rao
Old Growth, a poem

Djenanway Se-Gahon
Jellyfish Movement of Ghosts, a poem

Claire Seymour
Long Weekend, a short story

Sophia Veltfort
Generalized Barotrauma on a

Fifteenth Birthday, a short short

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