Wren Asher is nearing thirty and over the summer, like his father before him, he’s fallen in love with a woman who lives in another country. But that’s where all similarities end. For one, Hannah is an American who grew up outside Boston and now lives in Paris. And second, she lives with a boyfriend, a man for whom she moved to France. Wren knew from the beginning getting mixed up with her was a bad idea, and when they parted in August he thought whatever he felt for her would fade. But since her return to Paris she calls him every night at two in the morning because of the six-hour time difference. She waits until the boyfriend is gone for work, and before she goes to the high school where she teaches English, then she dials Wren. He likes to be wakened by her voice and sleeps with the cell phone beside the bed, so that before he answers he sees the picture he snapped of her in the Metro in DC.

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