Three New Decrees

An Obstacle

Pronin said, “You have very pretty stockings.”

Irina Mazer said, “So you like my stockings?”

Pronin said, “Oh, yes. Very much.” And he ran his hand down her leg.

Irina said, “But what do you like about my stockings?”

Pronin said, “They are very smooth.”

Irina lifted her skirt and said, “Do you see how high they go?”

Pronin said, “Oh, yes. Yes.”

Irina said, “They end all the way up here. And there, I’m nude.”

“Oh!” said Pronin.

“I have very thick legs,” said Irina. “And I’m very broad in the thighs.”

“Show me,” said Pronin.

“I can’t,” said Irina. “I’m not wearing any underwear.”

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