From His Recent Collection,
Our Story Begins

“Say Yes” Preview

At the Narrative Night in San Francisco in March 2008, Tobias read two stories from his latest collection, Our Story Begins: New and Selected Stories. Said Narrative editor Tom Jenks of Wolff, “He’s a natural storyteller. Some writers are writers first, and then become storytellers. If you sit with Toby in a group of people, the conversation just begins to take the form of storytelling. Everybody becomes a better storyteller around Toby because he tells great stories. If you read a lot of Toby’s work, one of the things you’ll recognize is that many of the stories are morality tales. He’s a moralist, but he resists drawing a moral. What Wolff writes about oftentimes is the difficulty of combining innate morality and moral imagination. His stories draw a path of choice and decision that readers follow suspensefully.”

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