Winter 2013 Story Contest Winners

Narrative congratulates the winners and finalists.

   FIRST PLACE   ($2,500)
   KAREN K. FORD   The Tracks

   SECOND PLACE   ($1,000)
   STEPHANIE EARLY GREEN   Seven Waves for Good Luck

   THIRD PLACE   ($500)
   ABE LOUISE YOUNG   Landscapes with Lester

TEN FINALISTS   ($100 each)

Judith Barrington   How I Left a Life of Crime and Came to America
Garrard Conley   Genogram of an Ex-Ex-Gay
Xujun Eberlein   Clouds and Rain over Three Gorges
C. J. Hauser   The Lost Book of Lola
Julia Lichtblau   Circus
Jim Nichols   Owls
Lynn Stegner   For All the Obvious Reasons
Adam Stumacher   Silicone Dreams
Joselyn Takacs   The New River
Russell C. Working   Us

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