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Season (Northern):
Ottowa International Writers Festival

Ottowa International Writers Festival

APRIL 30—MAY 5, 2020
The imagination is our most valuable renewable resource. So twice a year we convene an international celebration of ideas to recharge our imaginations. From politics to poetry, science to music, history to thrillers, we celebrate the full diversity of the word and the gifted writers who guide us in our exploration of the world.
Faculty (previous): Amitav Ghosh, Justin Trudeau, Matthew Zapruder
Genres Offered: Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction
Contact: @email
Ozark Creative Writers Conference

Ozark Creative Writers Conference

OCTOBER 12—14, 2023
Workshops by published authors, editors, and agents; Publishers Row, independent publishers available to hear about your next project; writing contests available to all participants; something for everyone from the widely published professional to the aspiring writer!
Faculty (previous): William Bernhardt, Lara Bernhardt, Johnny D. Boggs, Parris Afton Bonds, Velda Brotherton, Angela Drake, Micki Fuhrman, Mary Jo Huff, Max McCoy, Ruth Weeks, Clarissa Willis
Genres Offered: Fiction, Nonfiction
Contact: @email