Listen to Uriel Acuna read his story:

Under the starry night that is my homecoming, I gaze on the most beautiful girl in the room. Her hair glistens under the fluorescent lights, her smile is like nothing I’ve ever seen, and her dress complements her body so well. All I want is for her to be mine. Do I walk up to her? Should I say something? Do I even have a chance? The back of my head is warning me to stay away, but I can’t. My personal demons won’t hold me back this time, and tonight the DJ is my cupid.

I walk over to her for what seems to be an eternity. “May I have this dance?” I ask nervously. Holding her hand, I escort my new partner to the center of the ballroom. I rest my hands on her hips and place my feet so they’re ready to move. Our eyes lock, and a static flow of electricity courses through my veins.

“Did you hear about the afterparty?” she asks.

“Of course I heard about it. I can give you a ride if you’d like.” She grins, and I can’t help but smile back.

When homecoming ends, I’m feeling uneasy and almost guilty. Still, I run to my car, ready to hold the door open for this gorgeous girl. We hop in, and I want to start blasting music through my speakers to drown out the silence. But there is no silence, just constant laughter until we arrive. I haven’t had a moment like this with anyone for a long time.

I strut into the party with the prettiest girl at school on my arm, and no one can make me feel like I’m less than. The music is bopping, and people are having a great time. A circle forms in the basement and I hop right in the middle, showing off my dance moves like I’m Kevin Bacon. This has to be the best night of my life. The only thing that can make it better is her.

In a room of hundreds, we are the only two people on earth. I look at my watch: 11:42 p.m. I look up and she asks, “Are you ready?” My blood is flowing and my heart is steadily beating like a drum.

“So when are we getting married?” I ask jokingly. Anything to see that smile one more time. Her laugh has to be the most pleasant sound outside of angels singing. I sit on a coach, but it feels like a bed. Next to me is this girl; she is my queen. I lean in for the kiss, her lips rest on mine, and I am transported. This girl is the love of my life, and nothing can ruin this moment between us.

BZZZ BZZZ, in my pocket, my phone vibrates. I take it out. As she sits on my lap, I graze my finger across the home button to read the message. The text is from my girlfriend. “Hey, babe. How was your night?”

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