Windward Ho!

Dad is catnip to the lady residents. He’s tall and lean, plus he’s got all his hair.

Women from Mars

He never stopped reminding me that I was born in Harmony, Georgia.


You’re going to have a difficult life if you can’t figure out where to stand.

Writer’s Cottage

Something is wrong with that place. Someone’s still there . . .


Literary gatherings are a nightmare because writers have no shop talk.

Years of Experience with Bows and Arrows

You’re supposed to hit is the bull’s-eye, that black spot, precise spot.

Yeats on Wilde

“The basis of literary friendship is mixing the poisoned bowl.”

You Are Merely Part of This

You’ve seen her almost every day, going to and from the gardens.

You Can’t Keep Going Like This

Not the Olympics, the guard said. Just chuck yourself down the tube.


“O youth! The strength of it, the faith of it, the imagination of it!”

You’re Part of This Too

It was the way of the world: everybody wanted someone else.