Cartoon Art Volume 2019-01

Cartoon Art Volume 2019-11

Catching Out

I loved hopping freight trains. It was cheap, dirty, and dangerous.

Cavagnaro’s Bar & Grill

I rented a house in the woods of East Hampton as a form of therapy.


At the moment we were having that conversation, she already knew.


Sonja slapped her sister. How could she shed tears for the past?


Narrative Prize and Pushcart winner Anthony Marra reads “Chechnya.”


Sonja slapped her sister. How could she shed tears for the past?


Hearing them coughing in the hall, you rose from your desk.

Children of Light

The place your truest self inhabited was the place you could not bear.

Christian Soldiers

In the street waiting for a cab, Ann’s boyfriend entrusted me with the story.

Clips from Our Interview with Alan

We are teachers so maybe we can help something change, tap into something.

Clips from Our Interview with Ann Beattie

An in-depth audio interview with Ann Beattie on her writing.

Clips from Our Interview with Frank

Frank Conroy

Clips from Our Interview with Jennifer Egan

Audio clips of Pultizer Prize winner Jennifer Egan on her work.

Closely Watched Trains

I put out my lips, and we kissed through the newly painted fence.

Closing Suite: Last Call

Getting over being drunk makes you wonder why the hell you did that.

Company Man

It whispered a promise of great wealth, and I was listening.

Consequent Realities

I pass my hands over my eyes, mired by the miti-
gation of routine.


My mother said a woman’s handbag is more private than her body.

Cuba Libre

Early on, Castro learned and opposed the unfairness of things.

Cuban Portraits

Tonight these writers lower their eyes and silence their words.

Cutting for Stone

His beginnings, his genesis as a writer, and the fateful connections between life and art.


Your writing may need to be ruthless or amoral to be original.

Dangerous Places and Dangerous Stories

Dante on Broadway

How many times had I passed it in a taxicab or walked within sight of it?


Mostly, 90 percent of the time, the big ones trigger the bad attacks.

Data Ecosystem Products

Did you hear about the candidate who grabbed Hugh’s dick?

Dauphin County

Let us not forget the desuetude of nailed-shut carousels.

Dawn Chapman

Of the sixteen candidates only eight would make the final cut.