Black and White

If a friend’s family is persecuted, call Sinn Fein on that number.

Blerrie Fockin’ Beautiful

When his father was out cold he tied him up, roping his arms to his sides.

Blerrie Fockin’ Beautiful

The author reads her story, a finalist in the Winter 2013 Story Contest.

Blind Love

In three years he had made her forget that blindness meant not seeing.

Blue Norton

The night was clear, a fat kingfish moon in the sky with stars.


My father was neither kind nor strong in his bruising.

Border Patrol

We loaded the packs and started down, into the bluing of dusk.


When we’re all together like this it feels like hope is a possibility.

Break Room

Creating so many mail merges, loading ink, unjamming paper.

Bringing Down the House

I saw Baryshnikov twice. Heard Pavarotti, Marsalis, and Ma.


Here’s a first, he said, some nutbag wants to dig the grave himself.

Buried Voices

The story doesn’t begin until the van breaks down, I always say.


“And if you ever tell anybody what I’m about to tell you, I’ll deny it.”

Butcher’s Crossing

“I’m looking for a Mr. Miller,” he said. “I was told I might find him here.”


“Why don’t you call yourself Butterfly?” he said. “A pretty thing like you.”

By Hand

Liza Donnelly

By Hand

Words and sketches from Gail Godwin’s upcoming novel Flora.

By Hand

The notebooks reveal insertions, deletions, queries, and corrections.

By Hand

The handwritten first draft pages of Robert Olen Butler's first novel.

By Hand

Handwritten drafts of “Byzantium,” “Easter, 1916,” and other poems.

Call It a Feeling

When and why had I begun to think about Ingrid Stoltz? She was a bitch.


We pushed through the doors, back into the audition, among the lithe adults.

Captain Brown

Somehow, Captain Brown made himself respected in Cranford.

Career Change

The mortician who painted our girl was not a somber-suited officiant.

Carp for the Wehrmacht

Papa’s link to that pond was a matter of blood. And the delicious carp.

Carried Away

I’m a theatrical lyricist. I would never choose to look fat in public.

Cartoon Art Volume 2009-08

And up ahead you'll see some jagged rocks that will kill us.

Cartoon Art Volume 2009-09

Don’t worry. I’ve performed this procedure hundreds of times.

Cartoon Art Volume 2010-03

“No, actually you are very different from the women I usually date.”

Cartoon Art Volume 2010-04

David Sipress