Gifts of Writing and Teaching

When I walked in, the kids applauded. They were like, “The poet’s back!”

Go Humbly


This skinny blonde steps on the stage in a skimpy Balinese costume.

Going Hollywood

I’ve never heard of Badgley Mischka (A person? Two people? Man?)

Gopher Prairie

She was here. She could not go on. It was the end—the end of the world.


Her knees seemed about to give way, and he quickly grabbed her elbow.


Our grandmothers were bakers and nurses, spies and traitors.

Great Falls

Walking on Canal Street, I slipped on the curb and fell on my face.


Brod stopped her before she could fling the latte in Marcella’s face.

Grog All Around

Colonel Hammer glares, willing us to attention. A few pilots sit up.

Grown-Up Land

The day was beyond the reach of words like tragic and hilarious.

Guy de Maupassant

I thought how she must thrash with savage agility when she made love.


The story of Wing Biddlebaum’s hands is worth a book in itself.

Happy Life

Yang Wan-li said, There’s enough to eat. Who needs a lot of money?

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mrs. Blumenstrauss

Hello, women rising up against toxic men. I salute you. And I apologize.

Hardview Hotel

Rules are rules. No one comes this close, this fast. Protocol reigns.


I’ve got other plans. And they don’t center on ringnecks.

Heart Songs

A dangerous heat came from him, the heat of some interior decay.

Heaven Is Full of Windows

In the thickening smoke the workers clawed and flailed at one another.

Heavy Lifting

His chest was sweaty and his T-shirt stuck to it, bleeding black.


Stocking shelves, like serving, is a job that will not let go of your mind.

Hermione Lee

Lee has taken on several of the great novelists of the past century.


He was caught. Of course he was caught. He was always caught.


She pictures her suitcase covered in blood, wishing for anything to happen.


Any white man without a servant was presumed to be in need of help.


Crescencia knew that it was a sin to be in love with a married man.

How I Became a Banker

When the thugs from the bank showed, up my father laughed.

How It Is

He doesn’t have to lie about oatmeal. That’s the way things are for him.

Huntington, Connecticut

I Am Nearly Twenty-Five

It’s not the sun and all its colonies that miss you—it’s the frailest barriers.