Throwing the El Camino into drive, he roared down the mountain road.


The alert says Warning: Wild Exotic Animals Loose.

Say Something about Child’s Play

Like a bird with a broken wing I will smudge the line of the hopscotch.

Self-Portrait With & Without

You have to be three times better than the white kids, at everything.

Senior-Year Psychology

The sex in these fantasies was always a product of love.

Shelf Space

I read cookbooks the way I do poetry, with a willingness to be transported.

Shirley Hazzard

We have mysterious inclinations. No one can explain it to us.

Silk & Silk

She was the idiot who fell in love with some high-class gigolo.

Sin Vergüenza

He felt desperate for the rains, mosquitoes be damned.

Since the Accident

Since the accident she lost her hold on the world and never got it back.


Hearing the baby’s cry, Varka finds the enemy who is crushing her heart.


In school, he was called gook, chink, and one boy called him ching-chong.

Something Lost

Mr. Holt had grown old since Beverly last saw him. He looked weary.

somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond

you open always petal by petal myself as Spring opens her first rose


It was half the Spanish he knew—stop, I have a shotgun.


My children, children, remember to let me go, delete my number.

Target Fixation

I grip the handlebar and pin my eyes shut, waiting for the inevitable crash.

Tell Me in Italian

She pulls quickly on her cigarette and blows it at me through the phone.

Ten Landscapes

“If the world is becoming a void, the artist must fill it with his soul.”

Terminal Depression: Is It Just Me?

I want to dispute that depression is by definition pathological.


The ego with which we began filters away as love accumulates below.

The Abandoned Flying Horse Carousel, 1879

Centrifugal force circled the beasts until they swirled airborne.

The Aphorisms of Henry Adams

The woman who is known only through a man is known wrong.

The Awakening

For the first time in her life she stood naked in the open air.

The Beginnings of a Storm

It’s a mistake to be here, he thinks, but he doesn’t turn around.

The Blue Hotel

“I suppose there have been a good many men killed in this room.”

The Book of Light

She is a stalk, exhausted. She will surround these bones with flesh.

The Brother

He held a screwdriver to the fleshy underside of Peggy’s neck.

The Captain’s Roses

In that instant, Niel lost one of the most beautiful things in his life.

The Church of Abundant Life

“Ki-Tae the famous pastor,” Jae says to her. “Can you believe life.”