Love Takes Hold

A woman from the next table eyed him and he eyed her right back.


The baby in her belly is not a sibling, will never be their playmate.

Margaret Atwood

You quickly find nothing interests people so much as themselves.

Marriage as Light Socket

To keep the baby safe, we sealed the house as if against bad weather.

Marriage as Rock Quarry

We’re phosphorus, we’re this glowing rock under UV light in the mineral shed.

Mastering English

If you play, decide three things: the rules, stakes, and quitting time.

Mentors in General, Peter Taylor in Particular

Mentors can suggest to you what more you are capable of.

Midnight Sun

I returned to research a history we’d only known through stories.

Miss Burma

All that existed was Louisa’s beauty—or Khin’s refashioning of it.

Miss Harriet

I am going to relate to you the most lamentable love affair of my life.


I have a maple in the yard and from time to time all is distant.

Most Beautiful

It was hard to know what memories or images had marked him.

Mother and Daughter

Sometimes you weren’t a good daughter, the mother says.

Mrs. Bridge

Ms. Range Wants to See Me in It

Men can’t sense like that. Or won’t. Even a father don’t dare get that close.


Heaven preserve me from the Epidemic of a Proud Ignorance!

Muslim Girlhood

I watched to see how the others lived, not knowing I was the Other.

My Daughter and God

My wife had time to form a thought: I have killed my daughter.

My Grandmother’s Garden

I must never go to the garden without a heavy stick or a corn-knife.

Narrative 10

A friend of my father’s once told me, “You’ll never be a writer.”

Narrative 10

I’m a big fan of then. A novel needs a lot of thens.

Narrative 10

Love is the difference between a full life and an empty one.

Narrative 10

Try never to repeat rhymes, not once in an entire show. It tires the ear.

Narrative 10

Narrative 10

I’ve found that love has provided my life’s happiest moments.

Narrative at The Lab

National Geographic

I make peas and argue with a wall. Something gets stuck like that.


She knew Jim would be a terrible husband. They’d murder each other.

New Year’s Day

I walk across the fields with only a few young cows for company.

Nick Will Be Successful Influential & Will Marry the Pretty Girl and He Didn’t Even Go to Yale

The graffiti suggests the most essential story of New Haven.