Cartoon Art Volume 2019-08

Christian Soldiers

In the street waiting for a cab, Ann’s boyfriend entrusted me with the story.


I would chase it to the shores of the lake where the killer waited.

Clips from Our Interview with Frank

Frank Conroy

Clips from Our Interview with Jennifer Egan

Audio clips of Pultizer Prize winner Jennifer Egan on her work.


Their marriage had dwindled to a separation and a running joke.

Dante on Broadway

How many times had I passed it in a taxicab or walked within sight of it?

Data Ecosystem Products

Did you hear about the candidate who grabbed Hugh’s dick?

Dear America

My grandfather has a space where the tip of his thumb should be.

Dear America

Soon I will walk up those same back steps the police took by force.

Dear America

Dear Jesse Helms

And jesse, the smart bombs do not recognize the babies.

Dear John and Other Poems

Please look away from Mars dangling so angry in so much darkness.

Death in the Woods

He got his wife off a German farmer, for whom he went to work one day.

Decoy Project

Atomic bomb. How could those two words be said together?


Close mist around window. I attempt gender. Deposit each letter.


I was constantly being torn between belief and disbelief in his narrative.

Do You Have a Name?

You knelt down to kiss her, avoiding, of course, the wound at her brow.


Many people remarked upon the similarities between the flags.


I wanted to tear away at the fabric of my pants, dig open my skin.

Don’t Beat My Sister

The human heart is far more intricate than any single term can describe.

Downhill Triolets

Ring, ring, ring at 2 a.m. means meth’s got my brother in the slammer again.

Early Onset

I push the stroller across the courts to the scene of the thing I don’t get.


I want to be rapt around your linger, not Thumbelina under your dumb.

Every Good Marriage Begins in Tears

To be married is to learn to love, captive in your own new country.

Everything All the Time

Everything comes down to the lightning. Nothing is ever by chance.


Now all I was, all I had ever been, when it came down to it, was a tenant.

Existing Light

The leaves repeat my fall in choruses more ancient than my own.

Famous Fathers

I put my arm around Larry’s shoulders and ask him to pull over.

Famous Fathers and Other Stories