The Church of Abundant Life

“Ki-Tae the famous pastor,” Jae says to her. “Can you believe life.”

The Cows at Night

In that great darkness could I explain anything, anything at all.

The Delinquents

You don’t feel anything when they cut you, not at first, just the blood.

The Departure

“I can’t hold it any longer. I have to pee,” I finally confessed to Viola.

The Docent

The flail is raised high, back bent in echo of the boys’ backs.

The Doe

When I saw her, I was witness and weapon both, charging at her.

The Egg

The End of Life

He thinks with joy and conviction that the Japanese are his enemy.

The Fact Checkers

They dust off facts like diamonds that excel in perfection under a monocle.

The First Meeting

Her lips had the scent of the first kiss, and a thirst for justice.

The Go-Go Dancer

He picked up a fairy disguised as a go-go dancer and brought her home.

The Gold Cure

Lust was just a frenzy of activity that had mostly led Benny in circles.

The Gold Cure

Jennifer Egan’s A Visit From the Goon Squad wins Pulitzer Prize.

The Great Awakening

Time stops as the ball rolls tantalizingly around the rim.

The Groaning Board, the Flowing Bowl

The Healer in the Motel

You know how good she has always been at hiding herself.

The Kiss

Below, the kiss silently maneuvers our bodies closer to the rose bed.

The Lady with the Little Dog

Gurov reflected, “it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make her acquaintance.”

The Letters

The letter both pleased and disturbed her. Why did he get in touch?

The Little One Need Not Come

The house of our relationship is a fort. Blanket fort. Tree fort.

The Long-Lost Love Letters of Doc Holliday

The sense of power that flights of temper evoke will betray you.

The Magic Piano

Chocolate promises a happy ending. I believed in that promise.

The Merwin Conservancy

Merwin discovered and restored eighteen acres of abandoned land.

The Murder

He always talked of making money with the air of a connoisseur.

The N

Ron Carlson

The Pizza in New Jersey

He’ll probably try to get her in the sack, just to stay in practice.

The Promised Land

She must know she was a mistake, what they call now a surprise.

The Secret Agent

The Sentimentality of William Tavener

It takes a strong woman to make any sort of success in the West.

The Silence Here Owns Everything

When he kisses me, my heart flutters in my chest like swarming bees.